10Be in commercial 9Be carriers




As we have experienced that commercial 9Be carriers in use for accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) contain elevated levels of 10Be/9Be, we have published values of these compared to customised 9Be carriers from minerals already two times:

S. Merchel, M. Arnold, G. Aumaître, L. Benedetti, D.L. Bourlès, R. Braucher, V. Alfimov, S.P.H.T. Freeman, P. Steier, A. Wallner, Towards more precise 10Be and 36Cl data from measurements at the 10-14 level: Influence of sample preparation, Nucl. Instr. Meth. Phys. Res. B. 266 (2008) 4921-4926.

S. Merchel, R. Braucher, J. Lachner, G. Rugel, Which is the best 9Be carrier for 10Be/9Be accelerator mass spectrometry?, MethodsX 8 (2021) 101486.

These results have yet shown that 10Be/9Be can vary from LOT to LOT. Hence, to keep the AMS community up-to-date we are encouraging to communicate 10Be/9Be measured at any AMS facility. So, if you have any new 10Be/9Be data of commercial 9Be carriers, please let me know and I will add it to the table below to overcome the necessity to write a third paper on this topic. ;-)


Company LOT number 10Be/9Be AMS facility Data/BeO provided by

LGC 1273018-1 (5.40 ± 0.64) x 10-15 DREAMS Florian Adolphi
LGC 1270256-3 (2.34 ± 0.34) x 10-15 DREAMS Silke Merchel
LGC 1143802-33 (4.61 ± 0.44) x 10-15 VERA Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger
LGC 1143802-8 (3.50 ± 0.31) x 10-15 ASTER Michal Šujan
LGC 1143802-6 (3.63 ± 0.27) x 10-15 ASTER Romain Delunel
LGC 1072683-69 (3.16 ± 0.36) x 10-15 ASTER Romain Delunel
LGC 1072683-55 (3.08 ± 0.30) x 10-15 ASTER Régis Braucher
LGC  998969-73 (3.74 ± 0.31) x 10-15 DREAMS Florian Adolphi
ACR 336222 (4.0 ± 0.3)   x 10-15 Weighted mean of


Dominik Koll
Koll et al., 2022
Scharlau/Scharlab 17103701 (4.05 ± 0.44) x 10-15 ASTER Romain Delunel
Scharlau/Scharlab 17063601 (3.95 ± 0.45) x 10-15 ASTER Romain Delunel


Thanks to the AMS facilities and users providing the new data!


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